Building Main flower.

on friday 23-06 we started buidlding our main flower. We asked help from the expert Rob Dekker. We used his space to build the flower.

First Eva and i had to buy all the wood and stuff for the building part. And at the end we didn’t use all the wood we got but 3 from the 4 pieces of wood. The sizes where: 244 – 12 cm.

So we decides to use the whole height (2.44 m) as the top height of the flower and work from the bottom till top. As our direction we used Eva’s 3D sketch. The picture below is without sized because we had to adapt them.


The building process went better then we expected. We were fast and on one page also the tools Rob used worked fast and clean. This way we had time to discuss what we wanted with the curve and how we wanted it. We discussed multiple options like straight in 90 degrees angles or a little bit curved so that it is from big till smaller.

We choose the curved from big to smaller and in the picture you see the how it looks after we were finishing building.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-29 at 17.26.47




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