Final Teaser Video/Film


I was waiting for so long to do this task. We had this plan since the beginning; to create a teaser video as soon as the flower is finished. And finally, the day has come.

To create the video for the social media and the pedestal, we drove to Hengelo (where the flower was built) with the film equipment and started to build up the flower and do the last minor tweaks before it got picked up to the church.



After that I had to be fast, but I was prepared and had my storyboard ready.

After filming, we had to drive to the church and prepare everything for the exhibition. I always had in mind, that the teaser video has to be done before that, so we can make people curious and make them come to our installation. So after that, I immediately started to edit the video, to filter out all the footage, to find the right soundtrack etc.

Everyone who has some experience with editing, knows how time consuming it can be. I worked until the morning to finish it, but in the end I was really happy with the result. And not only me: we got great feedback from people on Instagram, Facebook, fellow students and even teachers.

I think with that I reached the goal, in selling our product in the way it was intended to. Of course, the video is only here to showcase the hard work my team members and I had to go through. But in the end it was all worth it.

Here the video for you to watch:


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