Author: evabolder

The exhibition

On 1st, 3rd and 4th of July, we had our exhibition in the Grote Kerk on the Oude Markt. In the church, you can find our flower and our pedestal. Apart from our installation, there are also 12 other installations you can try.


Our flower was a big hit because it’s easy to use and accessible for everyone. Because  it’s standing in the middle of the church its one of the first things they see and they get curious.


Monday there was a ceremony where they announced the winner and we won! That was a big surprise and we were really happy! Our hard work paid off!



Flower leaves

I’m responsible for the leaves. I wanted something that is a little bit see-through so the lights will shine through it.  I first thought about using laminated paper because I can really make it as see-through as possible. But after doing some testing I didn’t like how it looked and it wasn’t sturdy at all. If the wind would catch it they will be gone.


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Flower lights

I started thinking about the lights inside the flowers. We wanted to focus on the lights inside the flower. The lights will show when the flower opens.

Ids came up with the idea to make the lights like the stamens inside the flower.



We also thought about using a plastic ball and put the lights in there but it will tone down the lights and defuse it.

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Pedestal concept

We started thinking about what we exactly wanted to do with our pedestal. We want to have a computer or laptop to show our website and blog and maybe some prototypes.

We started painting the pedestal white and put it together afterward. We decided to put a door in it.


The next step was to give the pedestal a color. We came up with the idea to give the pedestal te low poly style we have throughout our concept. We did some experimenting and came up with the final design.


It’s a little bit messy but I think you get the idea. We decided to do the top one with the lines in between. But we thought the lines were a little bit too big so I went looking for a thinner tape that would be easy to remove.