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Painting Stem Flower

Eva and i finished the building part and started the next day (it was a saturday) with the first and second layer of white to cover the wood.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 15.30.35

after the 2 layers of white we had to wait 24 hours to let it completely dry and started monday with buying the good paint, not the action paint. After everything we needed we started taping the triangles on the stam.

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Building Main flower.

on friday 23-06 we started buidlding our main flower. We asked help from the expert Rob Dekker. We used his space to build the flower.

First Eva and i had to buy all the wood and stuff for the building part. And at the end we didn’t use all the wood we got but 3 from the 4 pieces of wood. The sizes where: 244 – 12 cm.

So we decides to use the whole height (2.44 m) as the top height of the flower and work from the bottom till top. As our direction we used Eva’s 3D sketch. The picture below is without sized because we had to adapt them.


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From hexagon to square.

We changes our design concept from a hexagon to a square.
The reason why we changed it is because i talked to a professional and said that the shape of  hexagon is a lot more work then a square. And because we wanted his help he said that the square is the fastest and the more strong build then the hexagon one.

This is because the square one is made from one peice of wood. And the hexagon is from all lose ends. This way the wood is “damaged” because you have to cut it and it loses his strength.

So this is the reason why we changed from a hexagon shape to a square one.


After the talk with the professional we thouht about why we wanted a hexagon and no one had a good reason why. The only reason is that we thought it looked cool.

We discussed further and made a 3D object from the square one and we found out that it still would look really awesome.

The left picture is the old style in an hexagon. The right picture is the new style Square.


Flyer Promotion

I have been busy with the flyers for the promotion.
The reason we wanted to have flyers is because it is a easy way to promote in the shops. We also can give it out to people on the busiest placed from Enschede to let them know of our installation and goals.

What we put on the flyers is the poster on the front and the social media sides to let them know we are online on the back with a QR-Code to out Website.

Also we did the flyers in different colours so that it will have someting different then all the other flyers.

this is the front and the back of the blue flyer.
We also have the colours pink-purple, and purple-purple.

flyer - blueflyer blue back

Poster Promotion

I have been busy with the poster prototypes for the promotion parts.


This is the first prototype i have made. We wanted the flower to stand out so that people notice it at first and notices it along the way with our installation and flowers for the shops.


This is the 5th prototype. I found some inspiration with the see through part and I really liked the idea. But the other group memebers and me were not satisfied with the flourish cut out and the fonts.

So I changed it and this is our final prototype.
the Flourish in the white stand out of the rest but not to much that the flower is not the head part of the poster. Also the white of “Oude markt Enschede” is standing out but not that much that the 1 2 3 July is not clear.


For the rest is the poster simple and easy because we do not want to give the people to much to look at they should get interested and find us on facebook and Instagram.


Flower Sponsor shops.

I have been busy with the flowers for the sponsor shops that will hang in front of their shop.

The reason we chose these flowers is because we needed them to look like they belonged together bus also with our Flourish flower.

First we had made other logo’s that were not alike at all. You can read this in another blogg. So we chose to use our own logo but in diffrent color shades from our stylesheet.
Under this you can find the 3 flowers i made for the Shops.

We will chose the right flower for the shop by looking at their logo. if they have more blue in the logo they get the blue logo. This is the same for the other colours.

Flower shop design 1.

lossebloem-winkelcolourI made on of the 3 logo shops designes. And on the picture you can see the one i made. i wanted to stay as close as possible as our own concept with the low poly style. But also connect the style of the shop. The shops logo is made in a simple style with an one line flower. This flower i made is also made from one line on paper. This is the connection between our concept and the shops concept.

The other 2 logo’s are made by Eva and kays but our styles were to different so we decided to go for our own flower and use that one as the flowers for the shop.

The shop flower design concept has changed and i will work on it.