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The exhibition

On 1st, 3rd and 4th of July, we had our exhibition in the Grote Kerk on the Oude Markt. In the church, you can find our flower and our pedestal. Apart from our installation, there are also 12 other installations you can try.


Our flower was a big hit because it’s easy to use and accessible for everyone. Because  it’s standing in the middle of the church its one of the first things they see and they get curious.


Monday there was a ceremony where they announced the winner and we won! That was a big surprise and we were really happy! Our hard work paid off!



Building Main flower.

on friday 23-06 we started buidlding our main flower. We asked help from the expert Rob Dekker. We used his space to build the flower.

First Eva and i had to buy all the wood and stuff for the building part. And at the end we didn’t use all the wood we got but 3 from the 4 pieces of wood. The sizes where: 244 – 12 cm.

So we decides to use the whole height (2.44 m) as the top height of the flower and work from the bottom till top. As our direction we used Eva’s 3D sketch. The picture below is without sized because we had to adapt them.


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From hexagon to square.

We changes our design concept from a hexagon to a square.
The reason why we changed it is because i talked to a professional and said that the shape of  hexagon is a lot more work then a square. And because we wanted his help he said that the square is the fastest and the more strong build then the hexagon one.

This is because the square one is made from one peice of wood. And the hexagon is from all lose ends. This way the wood is “damaged” because you have to cut it and it loses his strength.

So this is the reason why we changed from a hexagon shape to a square one.


After the talk with the professional we thouht about why we wanted a hexagon and no one had a good reason why. The only reason is that we thought it looked cool.

We discussed further and made a 3D object from the square one and we found out that it still would look really awesome.

The left picture is the old style in an hexagon. The right picture is the new style Square.


Flower leaves

I’m responsible for the leaves. I wanted something that is a little bit see-through so the lights will shine through it.  I first thought about using laminated paper because I can really make it as see-through as possible. But after doing some testing I didn’t like how it looked and it wasn’t sturdy at all. If the wind would catch it they will be gone.


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