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The exhibition

On 1st, 3rd and 4th of July, we had our exhibition in the Grote Kerk on the Oude Markt. In the church, you can find our flower and our pedestal. Apart from our installation, there are also 12 other installations you can try.


Our flower was a big hit because it’s easy to use and accessible for everyone. Because  it’s standing in the middle of the church its one of the first things they see and they get curious.


Monday there was a ceremony where they announced the winner and we won! That was a big surprise and we were really happy! Our hard work paid off!



From hexagon to square.

We changes our design concept from a hexagon to a square.
The reason why we changed it is because i talked to a professional and said that the shape of  hexagon is a lot more work then a square. And because we wanted his help he said that the square is the fastest and the more strong build then the hexagon one.

This is because the square one is made from one peice of wood. And the hexagon is from all lose ends. This way the wood is “damaged” because you have to cut it and it loses his strength.

So this is the reason why we changed from a hexagon shape to a square one.


After the talk with the professional we thouht about why we wanted a hexagon and no one had a good reason why. The only reason is that we thought it looked cool.

We discussed further and made a 3D object from the square one and we found out that it still would look really awesome.

The left picture is the old style in an hexagon. The right picture is the new style Square.


Pedestal – Monitor Cover

Everyone was very busy with the installation, web page, painting etc. Therefore there were some minor communication lacks. One of them was the final Pedestal and how it should look like. We finished the main housing, but didn’t have a monitor cover and also there were no les for the cables nor a cupboard for the laptop inside.  After discussing with my group about it, I took charge of that, since I could manage it time wise.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-28 at 15.25.49

I created the lasercut files, lasercut the parts, glued them together and painted them. Further I sticked some LED’s in it, so it gives a better look in general.

I drilled the holes with the help of Luca and put all the parts together so It is ready for the exhibition.

This was actually more stressful than expected, since we all had some time issues. The social media content lacked because I was busy with building now and also we all somehow had to rely on each other, since we were all at different places working on our stuff. But thankfully, it all worked out and we came with a great end result. At least with the pedestal.

Counter Database

If you go to our website you can now see that the counter is there.


When the exhibition starts the interactions will be counted and updated in real time. Seems simple but to actually make this work I have gone a long way these past 2 weeks.

The problem I had in the beginning was that I didn’t know where to start. I knew that I had to use a MySQL database, somehow write data into it with PHP and connect the Photon to all of it. I have never really done Back end developing so I researched a lot and started to learn about MySQL databases,  PHP, JQuery, AJAX etc. etc.

Of course I had to ask teachers for help too. Eventually Boris pointed me in the right direction of what kind of tutorials I should look for. I found this one in particular.

I followed all the steps and managed to make a prototype site where I store values in the MySQL database of my website.

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Mobile Website, Big Update

Since the end of last week I have been busy with the website. I decided to ditch the old website due to the fact that it wasn’t that suitable anymore for the functionality of the website. I also had some CSS styling problems with it.

I found another web template that is free to use and decided to work with that. I changed a lot of the styling, put in content, deleted excessive elements, changed font-sizes and spacings, put in links etc. etc.

Since the website is supposed to be mainly for mobile phones I made sure from the start that everything is responsive and looks good in the mobile version.

Have a look: (mobile version)


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