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The exhibition

On 1st, 3rd and 4th of July, we had our exhibition in the Grote Kerk on the Oude Markt. In the church, you can find our flower and our pedestal. Apart from our installation, there are also 12 other installations you can try.


Our flower was a big hit because it’s easy to use and accessible for everyone. Because  it’s standing in the middle of the church its one of the first things they see and they get curious.


Monday there was a ceremony where they announced the winner and we won! That was a big surprise and we were really happy! Our hard work paid off!



From hexagon to square.

We changes our design concept from a hexagon to a square.
The reason why we changed it is because i talked to a professional and said that the shape of  hexagon is a lot more work then a square. And because we wanted his help he said that the square is the fastest and the more strong build then the hexagon one.

This is because the square one is made from one peice of wood. And the hexagon is from all lose ends. This way the wood is “damaged” because you have to cut it and it loses his strength.

So this is the reason why we changed from a hexagon shape to a square one.


After the talk with the professional we thouht about why we wanted a hexagon and no one had a good reason why. The only reason is that we thought it looked cool.

We discussed further and made a 3D object from the square one and we found out that it still would look really awesome.

The left picture is the old style in an hexagon. The right picture is the new style Square.


Herman Feedback 24-05-17

We asked him the question:
What kind of materials are small and easy to use for making our concept stronger.

he gave us a few tips:
– good primer, to make it weather prove.
– the 3D is to big we have to think about
– he has his doubt about the flower
– Ask harry about materials
– think about the servo’s, put them in weather proof boxes.
– maybe rething the flower colour by lights idea.
– talk with the technical guys with how big everything is going to be. (!)
– we have to move on with the concept how long everything is going to be, what are we going to use directly.
– 3D is better to show how it will look and work.
– Rethink the design. (the scale of things is not normal)

The materials is easy to make weather proof but not for half a year. Also we need to use a stearly base. The base has to be steady and think about the base.

The story always had 3 elements. so 3 flowers is a good way to make a good story. the beginning, the middle something happens and the end.

Margit Feedback 24-05-17

Work on the concept, ask people around what they want and find the shops with who you want to work with. This is the way how you can make the concept stronger.

Follow your feeling don’t stress to much if you think you don’t work enough, because the brainstorm and improving your concept is already working.

Take time for things now it will safe you the stress later.


Margrit Signed it. 

Infrared sensors

I still had a small infrared sensor, we decided to hook that to the shield. Through firmata we managed to figure at what port the input of said sensor came through. So the sensor did work, we had however no idea how to work with it within the arduino software. We decided we needed to speak to Boris since he helped me personally with using the IR sensor for my project last year. I however did work in processing with it, so I didn’t have alot of knowledge to re-use this time. At some point we decided to simply mess around with the code and store the input of the port that represented the IR sensor in a variable to use. Then with the use of if statements we connected IR-values to Servo-rotation values.

Claudia Feedback

Our idea of the flowers they have to find she said that we have to me less literally. We need to be more emotional, so not a flower made out of cupcakes, but the emotion of it. Soft sweet tasty flower.

We need to suprise them.

Our flower is to childish, we need to make it more fantasy like. Its kinda efteling like.

Do i get to stay in the music feeling of the first flower when im searching for the rest? We have to think about this.

Be more abstract!